Kylie Jenner or the New Version of Kim K?

Kylie Jenner. The 17 year-old fashion icon, a make-up queen and the younger sister of Kim Kardashian West. As you could imagine, she sees herself as “the new Rihanna”. Well, I might have just made that up but it feels very accurate, since she can’t use the same hair color for more than three weeks. She always feels like her hair color should change into something different. Black, grey, blue or even dark green. But there’s one thing that doesn’t change: Trying to become the new version of Kim K.

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Kylie’s style has been in a constant change. Well, that’s not awkward. It’s actually normal because that’s how we girls generally roll. But as a Kardashian related person, of course, she needs to take the transformation to another level. Even though she says that it’s a rumor, it’s so obvious that she got her lips injected. You can now see that she has the famous “duck lips” just like Kim. If she has make-up on, it looks very natural but without all the make-up, oh Lord, just 1

Recently, she has done an interview for the Cosmopolitan Magazine. We can clearly see that she’s trying to fight against the “rumors” that tell us she had her lips injected. She goes like “You have watched me grow up since I was 9. My face is going to get different. Now, I know how to do my make-up, contour, everything.” She also adds “I’m not against surgery. I’d never say no, but I don’t desire it right now.”

Liar liar we say. Anybody with eyes can understand what is going on Kylie, why are you trying so hard? Just accept the fact that you have some plastic surgery on your face, it’s like a tradition in your family. No big deal.

photo 2         Apart from the lips that caused a chaos on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, I have to admit that she is becoming more daring. She’s posting pictures on Instagram, showing her bikini body, (which is very cool by the way, I’m not going to lie) wearing mini shorts with high heels for grocery shopping. Now that she’s dating Tyga, she’s been even more “edgy” as she would say.

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Oh, since I’ve opened it up, Kylie now dares to talk about her relationships saying “My last relationship lasted almost 3 years. I don’t want to say [I’ve been in love] twice but I’ve had two really strong infatuations”. Well, what can we say? Let’s just hope that her relationship with Tyga doesn’t end like Justin and Selena’s because I know that I can’t handle a love song from Tyga.

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-Pelinsu Arslan (Konuk Yazar)

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