Kylie Jenner or the New Version of Kim K? #2

Hi there, it’s me again writing about the Kardashians… I know that it’s lame to constantly talk about this family but I can’t help it! Since it is no secret that I’m stalking them, I don’t mind telling you that I recently saw some pictures of Kim&Ky where they looked like twins.

photo 5                                                   Kylie                      Kim
Before, I thought that Kylie was the one who was following her sister’s steps but I was totally wrong! It seems like they both have a major impact on each other. Firstly, they use the same hair color with the same hair style. Secondly, both of them have their lips injected. In addition, unlike Khloe, Kendall and Kourtney, they always wear high heels. And last but not least, their clothes are even similar nowadays.

I can’t stop myself from asking why they would ever work on looking like each other when they’re actually trying to be different. They both are using the same ways to become a fashionista. I find it weird because if different means “unique”, then why are they trying so hard to have the exact same look?

Here are some pictures for you to gain an insight:

photo 1

                                 Kylie Jenner at the Sugar Factory Grand Opening in Chicago  (Jan.23)

photo 3                                        Kim Kardashian at the BET Honors 2015 (Jan. 24) 

photo 2                                         (Read the caption of Kim’s Instagram picture.)

-Pelinsu Arslan (Konuk Yazar)

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