How I Felt About Replicating a Well-Known Photograph Series

It was pretty exciting. I always wanted to ‘theme’ my albums. To me, everything needs a soul and a theme. One day, I was sitting at home and browsing Lomography, I remembered how much I love and follow (fashion and portrait photographer) Mario Testino’s Towel Series.

Mario Testino is a great photographer. He is at that point where I want to be. This is why, instead of wandering around and taking photographs, I loved creating an amateur set and shooting with two of my friends. I had a blast doing it, and so did my friends. 

What I’m looking forward to show is how one photograph can be as serious as a Renaissance painting – like hours are spent sitting while a painting is made – and as comfortable as modern art at the same time. The power of a woman, a woman being proud of herself, the powerful and strong active woman (instead of the skinny type that we see in commercials), friendship and closeness between two women and how it can be easily visible in my photographs are themes that I hope to express. 




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