Analogue Photography: Filmsoup

Filmsoups are super popular among lomographers. Those who adore this style are always up to something new. Sometimes, you just want your photographs to be casual, colorful and without surprise. But other times, surprises are amazing!

You never know what kind of result will come up. What you do is put whatever ingredient to your recipe (detergent, tea, salt etc..) warm or cold, you choose. wait 2 minutes or 2 hours, up to you. After soup’ing, you should wash in the clean water or let it wait for a while in the water and rinse the roll. After this day, you should wait at least a month so the inside of the roll can be dry. Let it dry in the sun, and you can help by using a hairdryer.

I have two results for you. Two different rolls. The first one, I don’t really like. The second, I adored!

Camera: Lomography Fisheye One Red



Camera: Canon Canonet 28




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