Getting Ready for the First Month of College

College might be hard. I am clueless. I started Bujo last year so I can get ready for this year. Last year was just practice. Now, for the first month of college, I have something covering. First, let’s celebrate my new city & a brand new month.



I made a class schedule for this semester but I’m not a fan of it. It’s ok but I thought that maybe I shouldn’t have written the classes’ names. This one is useful, but not really pretty.



For the weekly schedule, we have days on the right and columns featuring to-do, events, health and budget, hw and assignments. As far as I know, in college, timing is a big deal. I can’t keep track of my sh*t if I don’t have this. I need to write down to remember and also to actually do it.


This is it for starters. Stay tuned for more.



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