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Chicago is a big city and there are many things to do. Everything is gathered up in an area but not in a walking distance. We got Citybus hop on hop off tickets, which was a smart move. The bus stops in many museums, sightseeing areas. So, let’s get started! You should go up to Willis Tower, and take amazing photos from the all glass photo area!

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You will probably visit Millennium Park, which is kinda hard to miss 🙂 There is a giant bean on it. ok ok, it’s the cloud gate. Another park you can go is Grant Park. There are numbers downtown attractions in it. Nearby, you can see the Buckingham Fountain. It’s massive!


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Navy Pier is a really impressive location. You can ride the ferris wheel, eat amazing food, wander around. I couldn’t enjoy much because I was sick. CHICAGO IS WINDY GUYS, IT’S WINDY CITY, COLD. ehm, my brother enjoyed A/C while I was sleeping the first night we got there. And the reason we were there was me interviewing with Northwestern. I was so sick I had no will to even walk around the campus.


soooo back to the city!!

If you’re into aquariums (I’m not) there is one, Shedd Aquarium. There is a zoo but don’t go to zoos. please? don’t go to aquariums either. I don’t like the idea of dolphins in little pools and polar bears in heat. ok? please? thanks. Animals are living beings. not. entertainment.

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Art Institute of Chicago is one of the oldest and largest art museums in US. I was so eager to visit here, but since I was really sick and had two interviews with colleges, I couldn’t find the time. If I visit Chicago again, this is the first place I’ll go. And of course I will eat the amazing chicago pizza.


talking of…… Be ready to meet your new love. DEEP DISH pizza. Chicago-style pizza. THE pizza. Go to Giordano’s, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria etc, any of them and TASTE IT. It is unapologetically excessive, with buttery crusts containing pools of tomato sauce and oozing ribbons of mozzarella. oh, you will love it.




You can also check out Field Museum. There is a dinosaur too! I think it’s pretty cool. How often do you see a dinosaur and some other old extinct animals. And another pro- just near the Field Museum, there is Adler Planetarium. I had a lot of fun there. Even bought some stuff from the shop. You should definitely visit the planetarium. It’s dedicated to astronomy and astrophysics. There are many exhibitions. Very interactive.




Who doesn’t like to shop when you have a MILE of shopping area. 13 block of shopping. More than 460 stores, 275 restaurants, 60 hotels, unique entertainments. The Magnificent Mile is all yours!


U Chicago and Northwestern are both 30 minutes by car distance. Near U Chicago, there is a museum that you might find interesting. –> Museum of Science and Industry. 

That’s it for my Chicago guide. Let me know if I missed something or just comment your thoughts about the city. ++++ Shoutout to Shameless! I just started watching the show (10 days, 5th season already) might write something about the show after finishing.


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