Tips: Splitzer Magic

After buying my lovely LC-A+, I immediately bought Splitzer too. It’s around 20 dollars and can do magic! It’s a little accessory  you put in front of the lens. Let’s say you want to split the picture into two different pictures. You expose the first side of the picture, switch the MX button, change the angle of splitzer and shoot again!





I will show you the pictures I created! I have never been more proud of myself!




All it takes are a few twists of its plastic blades. The LC-A+ Splitzer enables you to maximize your creativity! Go split those images and let your imagination run crazy!



It’s no longer just looking through the viewfinder and shoot. The shooting process becomes something like…frame more to the right, more to the left, left 1/4 from the top or 1/3 from the bottom.



Don’t forget you can DIY Splitzer too. For example, Sardina and Sprocket Rocket don’t have splitzers. By using duck tape, you can make sure half of the picture won’t be exposed.



You can use it in so many ways! Create surreal landscapes, merge faces, cities and skies, fishes and skies. You can shoot the same place upwards and downwards.  There isn’t much to say really, just don’t forget to shoot everywhere before you advance your film. Try horizontal and vertical shots. Try to take 6-7 shots.




These are taken with LC-A+ and Lomography Color Negative 400!



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