Camerapedia: La Sardina

SO this is the first of my camera intro posts. Since both I and Serra are sooo into analogue photography, we thought it would be nice to let you know more about these cameras, and maybe let you choose one for yourself. To be honest, Sardina is not my favorite camera. It is too unreliable for me. Camera has two focus ends that you can use, which is a little unprofessional. What is great in this camera, you can multi expose your pictures! You take a picture, switch the MX shift, then take another one! AND you can also use it in Bulb more, which is for long exposures. Think all those pictures with light paint or the cars passing by creating a long light. yep, that’s it. Another pro side, it’s easy to use and great good camera for starters. And it comes in all shapes and colors 🙂 No but seriously, it has many different styles. With a flash would cost you around 100$ and without the flash is 75$. (but it only offers fully black one without a flash) It’s a 35mm camera, using the all time favorite old tanned film.

Photos taken by members of Lomography:


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Let’s break this camera down, shall we?

  • La Sardina Features

    1. Mind-blowing Wide-Angle Lens
    2. Rewind Dial and MX switch that make multiple exposures easier than ever before!
    3. Film cartridge window on the rear of camera – to see what film you’re shooting
    4. Easy-to-use focusing with two simple settings
    5. Bulb setting for night-time and long-exposure experimentation
    6. Screw-in Cable Release Option
    7. Incredible collection of unique La Sardina editions – a design for every mood and occasion


  • La Sardina Technical Specs

    1. Film Type: Standard 35mm (135)
    2. Exposure Area: 36mm x 24mm
    3. Lens Focal Length: 22mm
    4. Aperture: Fixed f/8
    5. Angle of view: 89 degrees
    6. Shutter Speed: Bulb (B), 1/100 (N)
    7. Closest Focusing Distance: 0.6m
    8. Focusing Steps: Two Step Focusing — 0.6m-1m, 1m-Infinity
    9. View Finder: Inverse Galileo-Type Built-in Viewfinder
    10. Film Counting: Auto Film Counting
    11. Film Stopping: Yes
    12. Multiple Exposures: Yes
    13. Cable Release Connection: Yes
    14. Tripod Mount: 1/4″ Tripod Screw
    15. Shutter Release Lock: Shutter Locks After Lens Collapsed
    16. Flash Contact: Unique La Sardina Micro Contact (for Fritz the Blitz flash only)


Photos by me!



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