Camerapedia: Sprocket Rocket

She is colorful, she uses 35mm, she is easy to use, she is purrrfect! I have the pink one.

It’s super light, so you can take wherever you want 🙂 It’s a panoramic camera, so probably different than any other cameras you have-or you will have.

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What is panorama really?

Panoramic shots are super-wide photos that allow you to capture the entire field of view. The Sprocket Rocket is equipped with a super wide-angle lens, allowing you to really get the whole picture!

photos by Lomographers

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And sprocket holes?

The sprocket holes are basically the small rectangular perforations on 35mm film, located on each edge of the film, and are used to guide the film through the camera from its canister. The Sprocket Rocket allows you to really get the most out of your film by exposing the image on the full length of the film, including and extending past the sprocket holes!


  • Uses all types of standard 35mm film
  • Super-wide angle lens that captures the whole width of the film, including sprockets
  • Unique dual scrolling knobs make multiple exposures easier than ever: rewind and remix your photos
  • B-setting for long exposures
  • Zone-focusing
  • Hot-shoe for flash and built-in standard tripod thread

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It’s 85$. It’s colorful. Give it a try.

photos by serra

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