Items: Is Fashion Modern

At the sixth floor of MoMA, is a new exhibition on fashion.




Items: Is Fashion Modern? explores the present, past—and sometimes the future—of 111 items of clothing and accessories that have had a strong impact on the world in the 20th and 21st centuries—and continue to hold currency today. Among them are pieces as well-known and transformative as the Levi’s 501s, the Breton shirt, and the Little Black Dress, and as ancient and culturally charged as the sari, the pearl necklace, the kippah, and the keffiyeh.

It’s a to-go exhibition, even though you are not interested in fashion, you are connected to at least couple of these items. I was interested in more. It’s a very dynamic show, including the timeline at the end, and the photographs of people who have these iconic clothing in the entrance. It’s a free entry for NYU students because we usually have to go to MoMA for class. Make sure to visit 5th floor if you haven’t before because it hosts a couple of the most important artworks of our time, including “Starry Night” and “Demoiselles d’Avignon.” I also have a MoMA tour article coming up too!

Items is open until January 28, 2018.



Little Black Dress






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