A day in Salzburg

Let’s be honest. Salzburg is a small place. Of course, if you experience it not as a tourist, there is more to do. But I had only one day. I had to be a tourist.

When I say Salzburg, half of the population *males* will say Redbull Salzburg!!!! ok, i mean those who follow football. (soccer) Actually, the half-owner of Redbull is from Salzburg and indeed a pretty good man. He helped a lot to Salzburg, never forgot where he came from and who helped him at first. He discovered a thai drink and loved it and that’s how it started. In wikipedia, it actually says the origin of the drink is Thailand. The thing is, Dietrich Mateschitz, who owns %49 of the company, is known for his love for sports. Every team he bought or took control has become the best or is going to be. I urge you to look his football and formula 1 teams.

ok, lets go back to Salzburg. It has red bull and it has mozart. Mozarts home is a place to see. You can see his hair, instruments, family tree, interesting infos etc. Don’t forget to catch a concert at Mirabell Palace. You can take time to visit Hohensalzburg Castle. I didn’t like museum-ish thing in the inside, but the view was nice. You can walk around the squares.


1- SCHNITZEL, duh.

2- BURGER AT BURGERISTA. Feels like a lux restaurant. just try! It’s open til late.







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