Ljubljana, easier to read than write

Before visiting, I thought it was just a regular city. Not sure why, I really enjoyed the city. It is one of the smallest cities I have ever seen. A small river crosses the city, thus many small bridges. Triple bridge, dragon bridge, butchers bridge, all within 5 minutes of walk.

so let’s break down the name so you can write correct.

you put our LJ and then add  ub once again the same  LJ  and finish with ana

I liked it more because of the nice, lovely, smiling people than the sightseeings. For example, there is Ljubljana Cathedral, nice to check out and light a candle. But the market was so much better. I bought dragon tea, cute candle light, wooden toy. I enjoyed sitting in Lolita Cafe and having a cafe latte and tiramisu. It took me 10 minutes to choose a dessert. not kidding. please please go eat there. Unlike Salzburg, city is live after midnight. While Salzburg dies like at 9pm, Ljubljana, also a student city, is full of people. If you have the time, go spend time in Tivoli Park. I could spend only a little time. But it looks really nice. Shopping is also good, wandering around the local shops makes you feel closer to the city. we also checked Ljubljana Castle and some other churches. that’s all i can say about the city. the rest is yours to discover




Photographs are taken by me with Canon Canonet 28 & Revolog 460 nm



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