Long Exposure: Car Lights

Since I started my analogue journey, I wanted to do the long exposure, cars moving, red light thing. I needed two things. One, a camera who can bulb and two, a good spot! After getting my lovely LC-A+, I was really excited! LC-A+ don’t really have a bulb mode but you can trick the camera. Putting your finger in the light sensor, it gets confused and things there isn’t enough light available. So voila. While it worked while it was dark at night, it didn’t quite worked in the sunlight. It still got the light through my finger. working on a solution rn. 

So, I had my camera, Kodak 200 inside. We bought Can a camera that day. Yashica Electro 35! The one Serra has. Well, it has a bulb mode. We went to a overpass and shot the cars passing by. The results were satisfying.

You must pay attention to couple of things.

1- Don’t dare move your hand or shake your hand.

2- Don’t overpose. 15 seconds should be ok.

3- Try doing circles and other light games too.

4- Choose a road where many cars pass by.

I want to find a way with less lights where I can only see the car lights. I have a tripod that I should use too.




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