Kodak 200: Two Different Weathers

Kodak makes great films, that for sure. Kodak 200 is a to-go film for me. Usually in holidays, so I know I will get good results. Today, I want to talk about how Kodak 200 responded to two different weathers in two different countries.

Film no 1:

Location: Milan, Italy

Date: Late may

Weather: very sunny, really hot

Camera: Canon Canonet 28


Film no 2:

Location: Hallstatt and St. Wolfgang, Austria

Date: Late june

Weather: very cloudy and rainy

Camera: Canon Canonet 28


I loved the results. Both of them give different feelings.

Film 1 is very sharp, colors are vivant. Architecture is visible. Sky is bright. Symmetry looks good. I knew it the photos would come nicely. But they are normal, I mean, they don’t really have anything particularly special. They are just beautiful pictures. And I love how the light is coming from outside the Duomo.




Film 2 gives me a haunted feeling. Anything might happen in that lake. Clouds look like they might get you. It’s dark. But because it’s dark, the light in lake is beautiful. The architecture of the church comes forward. While shooting, I was frustrated. I thought photos wouldn’t be good, light wasn’t enough. I was already having a hard time shooting because I was hiding my camera under my raincoat. Well, it did surprised me.





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