Camerapedia: Fisheye One

Ah, my dearest lovely first camera. I thought I hated Fisheye. I did for a while. Because it’s not the camera for the dark weather, and not for the starters. I did a terrible job taking photos at first. It was BAD. But on July, I took it to Çeşme and Çanakkale, and it was glorious. I LOVED IT. SORRY FISHEYE I LIKE YOU. I have two favorite rolls, and it’s funny, one is in the middle of winter, and one is middle of summer. It is a total cutie, because it’s RED! You don’t have many options for this. It has 170 degrees and a built-in flash. Flash is very useful with these cameras because more light is better almost always in analogue.



It’s 60$, but it’s worth it. There are Fisheye Baby’s, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I don’t like any baby-mini versions of these Lomo cameras.


It uses the all time favorite 35mm format film, and Fisheye no2’s has something even more. A bulb setting and a multiple exposure switch. I don’t really mind not having these because I wouldn’t try multi or long on this camera. I try to use Canon or LC-A if I look for a quality serious photo. And guess what, it has a underwater thing that you can buy and use!

Photos by me!

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