Camerapedia: Spinner 360

You think Sprocket Rocket was quite wide, didn’t you? Well, think again. This one, it 360 degrees. A full turn. Literally a turn. I think it is difficult to take good pictures with it. I didn’t bought one, but got a test drive from Lomo. I took 2 rolls with it.

Take the Spinner 360° in one hand, pull the cord with the other and release it – in a split second this 35mm analogue camera spins 360° around its own axis and records everything that’s around you on a frame more than 4 times longer than a conventional landscape picture.


You can take 8 full panoramic photos on a standard 36 exposure film roll.

Inspired by a futuristic concept from the 1980s, the Lomography Spinner 360° takes panorama photography to an all new snapshot level. Shoot from the hip, do the rollercoaster, the backflip, toothbreaker, timescan or manual long time exposures. There’s practically no limit to the experimentation offered by this camera! Every bit of your 35mm film is fully exposed and results in the sprocket-hole look unique to analogue photography.

It’s about 115$

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  • Uses standard 35mm film that can be processed anywhere
  • Rubber band drive + fully manual controls (no batteries required)
  • Manual long exposures
  • Sunny/cloudy aperture settings
  • Tripod mount


photos by me

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