Camerapedia: Canon Canonet 28

This little beauty here is the a really good camera. I trusted so much that I got this camera one day before my one week trip to Italy and I took solely this camera with me. Its results are impressive, camera is reliable, any easy to use.

Canonet 28 35mm rangefinder camera is a cheaper consumer version of the famous Canonet QL17. The lens is a fixed 40mm f/2.8 Canon lens. It has shutter speeds from 1/30 to 1/600 but I use the fully programmed auto exposure. This one don’t shoot if the light is not enough or the lens is closed. It was made in Taiwan. Even though I watched and loved the film ‘I Am Number Four’, I didn’t realize this camera is featured because I wasn’t into cameras back then.  This instantly made the camera a lot more desirable. It is described as having ‘cool light leaks’ that affects the photo in an interesting way.


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By the late ’70s, camera construction had begun a rapid change from metals to plastics. So, this is one of the latest heavyweight compact cameras. Canonet was marketed from 1971 to 1976.

Well, I lived in Istanbul when I got this camera and we don’t have thrift shops and stuff. I read on lomography that some people found their camera for 5 dollars or something. But also many cameras that cheap have something not functioning like auto exposure. I got mine for 300 turkish lira, which makes 85 dollars.


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