Best Burger in NYC #1 : Burger Joint

Well, New York is a big city. I can’t just go and say that this place has the best burger. It’s really good. It might be one of the best burgers I have ever had. And those fries? Oh yes. I’ll write about the good or trendy restaurants I go in New York. And this is my first post! You will probably see me writing Best Burger #2, #3, #4 tho…

I’ll just point out what’s good here.

  1. Hard to find

You will probably get confused trying to find this place. It’s inside of a hotel, with no signs at all. When you enter the hotel, you go inside a curtain, only to find a neon sign of a burger. How cool is that?

     2. Easy menu

Burger. Cheese or no cheese. Rare, medium, well done? And you choose some ingredients. Voilà. There will probably be 10 people line. So you have time to choose what you like, and find a place. It’s really small, but people get up all the time.



3. People

Both who works there, and who goes there. Those who work there were super nice and helpful. I had a really great time talking. Also, since it’s impossible to see it from outside, usually new yorkers go there. Tourists can only find it online.

4. Atmosphere

It’s the walls really. The restaurant is dark and drab… which is just great for me. There are posters of tv shows, concerts



5. FOOD 

It’s just great. Burgers are delicious. All burgers are thick, juicy, and made to order. They offer both single and double hamburgers and cheeseburgers with classic toppings. Fries are sooooo delicious.




Location: This hidden gem of a burger joint is cleverly hidden behind floor to ceiling black drape just off the lobby of the Parker Meridian Hotel.


“A trip to NYC without visiting Burger Joint is like peanut butter without the jelly….or cereal without the milk!”



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