Revolog Family

Ok, revolog films are interesting. Some people love them, some people hate them. I believe they are innovative. They are a little overpriced. There are 11 types of them. I really thought a lot about their creation. There can’t be any film soup involved, since they can have the regular tab. I understood how they did some films, but many are kinda blurry for me.

Well, they are films with effects.

While Rasp, Volvox, Lazer, Plexus, Streak, Texture, 460nm, 600nm and Kolor have 36 exposures ; Tesla 1 and Tesla 2 have 24 exposures.

While you can dislike some, I believe you will love at least one of these films.

Want some cool extra effects? Teslas, Lazer, Volvox, Rasp

Something more low-key? Plexus, Texture, Streak

Change of colors is your thing? 460nm, 600nm and Kolor

This is what I think!


While shooting with regular film is already unpredictable, the Revolog films make things even more so as it gives quirky effects to the photographs. Challenge yourself to a creative analogue experiment this weekend by loading a roll of Revolog into your favorite 35mm camera (mine are Canon Canonet 28 and Lomo LC-A+!)and trying to incorporate the unpredictable yet lovely gradients into your photographs.


I currently used Tesla 1, Texture and 460nm. I have plexus, 600nm, rasp, color, volvox etc to use. My favorite from those three that I used is Texture. I am really excited for plexus and kolor too.


For Texture, the brighter the picture, the less effect you have. Darker parts have the effect. I used it in June in Burgazada.



460nm has pretty cool effects but it seemed a little off. It blurred the picture. The effect didn’t become a part of the picture, but it took over the control in the picture. I hope it makes sense. I used it in June-July in Lake Bled.



When I used tesla 1, I only had la Sardina and I was really bad at this. The results are pretty dumb. This is the only good picture. I used it in February in Istanbul.


photos by me!

I will write more as I use more of these lovely films. Since then, happy shooting!

You can check up the films and their effects here. 





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