New Lomochrome Purple Film

After months of lack of lomochrome purple film, Lomography gave us Lomochrome with a new formula. I never used the old one, but want to share it with you guys.



I guess it was really pretty. The purple was really bold ‘purple’.

With its surreal, psychedelic results that easily remind one of fairy tale-like wonderlands, the Lomochrome Purple has quickly grown to become one of the most popular emulsions in the community.

Lomochrome Turquoise is also very popular among lomographers, I am eager to have one! I couldn’t find one Turquoise film in Istanbul or Milan and I waited a long time for the purple.


It’s technically demanding and full of surprises. That’s why we Lomographers love this film. It’s experimental. 



When you realize the changes in colors the Purple makes, you can start to have fun with it.



One thing that makes using this film really easy is the fact that you don’t need any filter, it comes with the film!






It gives really beautiful turquoise and orange colors. Changes the greens to purples. Some of them are taken with LC-A+ and some of them are taken with Simple Use. 




Photos are taken by me!



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