Prune and mimosas

‘Chef Gabrielle Hamilton’s New American fare draws long lines at this tiny eatery known for brunch.’

Again in one of our brunch …

I was going to write about Prune, but then I thought the reason I’m having such trouble writing about places these days is that I live in such a fast city, that I usually go to places without thinking that much. I just go without knowing what’s waiting for me there. Someone recommends it, or I just look what places there are around me with eyes or from maps, and choose one and go. And of course, I go to the same places. That’s why I felt that it was the thing to do. I just wanted to write, we went here for brunch, waited in line for 45 minutes but it was worth it. Amazing eggs benedict, more than amazing spaghetti carbonara that is made with eggs, some mimosas. So I recommend brunching here, it worths the wait, and you’ll love it inside. ps it’s very weird it’s in east village, makes me happy and proud of my neighborhood-for-now.


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