Light Painting Workshop

As much as I love to call this light painting, it’s actually long exposure. It’s really easy to achieve too. What do you need? I’ll tell you.

It’s actually very famous among lomographers. You can come across workshops and tipsters all around the website. And you have the amateur and the professional doing this rumble. In March 16, Lomography Turkey had a workshop on this. With our cameras who can bulb, we took turns to take cool photographs. Of course, for really good pictures, you need planning, space and stability. We had none of these. We had a small place and lots of people. For long exposure, placing your camera is better, since your hand will shake eventually.


The sun is often a Lomographer’s best friend. It can illuminate your subjects in dynamic ways and can often provide the most mind-blowing lens flares you ever thought possible. However, its only natural for a Lomographer to eventually explore the night. You can go illuminate the dark with LED’s, blacklights, and flashes.


Once you’re ready to start your own nocturnal exploration, try not to limit yourself or avoid creative avenues. Not every exposure is a success, but failures ensure the future rolls to be that much better. And you’ll never know what the Community loves. What is failure to you, can be someone else’s muse.


Using a tripod and cable release helps!

These are my amateur photos in the workshop with la Sardina.



Not only is it exciting to finally see your creations when the photos are developed, the act itself is fun and definitely keeps your creative juices flowing.

Taken by lomographers:


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