Sant Ambroeus feels

One of the best restaurants, especially brunch (YES) is Sant Ambroeus. It’s the best atmosphere, plus food. When my friends came to visit me, we had brunch in tons of places, and we went to SOHO Sant Ambroeus (I’m moving to West Village in the fall, so wait for me West Village Sant Ambroeus!) which was a-ma-zing! Ate some eggs benedict and had some drinks, ah, studying in NYU is the best. I tried writing about New York so many times, just laying on my bed across from my roommate, while she giggled to “The Office,” and I contemplating about stuff I have to do, I couldn’t write it. It’s not something I could articulate. It’s not something that I can explain, but rather a feeling. It’s between the millions of people walking in the street, the air between them becomes some sort of air river that you feel like you know them. Now laying on my very comfortable bed while my roommate packs up cause she is leaving tomorrow, I ask myself, did I want to write about Sant Ambroeus, or how I started talking about my feelings. I find it very hard to write what I really want to write about, but who knows, one day that I achieve that, I will finally become an artist. And words that jump in my head will have a meaning in the photos I take.



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