The Green-ish Film in the Family: XPro

Lomography X-Pro is one of the family members of Lomography world. People seem to adore this film, since it gives unpredictable consequences.

Slide into the world of cross-processing color reversal film with this guy! Using the same one-hour developing chemicals available at most labs, you’ll get juicy colors with intense saturation and contrast!

You will get citrus tones in your 35mm photos. It washes your shots with fruity colors and fascinating saturation. It doesn’t necessarily make it green, but in my case, it did.

The first X-Pro film I used, I was in Burgazada in April. I used la Sardina but I didn’t know about the focus very much, so photos are blurry. These are the results!


The second time, I used it again with Sardina, but in late may in Kilyos. Interestingly, the results are barely xpro. I feel more of a vignette result. I think there might be a change in development. Tab makes the colors change usually. I have three locations I go to when I get tabs in Istanbul. Do you have an idea about the change of this much color in these two films? They came in one box, they are taken only one month apart and with the same camera!
These two photos are taken with XPro too. They are among the popular tab in Lomography. They don’t have abnormal colors. Thus, maybe, my first film was the weird one. It had way too much effect. Because I never come across a xpro with that much effect.

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