Where to get pierced in New York?

There is only one place that I recommend getting pierced in New York, and it’s Adorned. They just opened a bigger — and such a prettier place.

Let’s get the stats — why?

— They pierce you old school, not with a machine gun. Piercing with a machine gun is not good for you, and may cause problems. You can’t just punch your ear with an earring. They use a needle, and you barely feel a thing.

I went there twice. Last may, I got my second hole on my left ear, and didn’t feel anything during or after! I got my second and third on the right side, and it hurt a little while doing the third pal, but then it was all fine. You just don’t sleep on it!

— They give all these good instructions for aftercare and sell the spray that you should use for one or two months.

— People who work there are incredibly nice and talented.

— You can get tattooed there if you want as well.

— You can get an appointment online.



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