Expired 120mm Films with Diana F+

I have a great example to show you today. Three types of expired films!

There is something you need to know first. I don’t like 120mm films. at all. I wouldn’t buy Diana either. When I found it second hand, it was really cheap and I couldn’t resist because film should be experimental, lomography is experimental. I thought that I shouldn’t judge 120mm film without using it. Now I can judge it! I had two really old expired films coming with the camera. Then I bought redscale and black and white films, all expired. It’s cheaper 🙂 and I don’t trust Diana enough to give that much money.

Now you have the chance to compare these expired films. All taken with Diana F+. First one is older than the other two.

Lomography Color Negative



Because it’s really old, the points and numbers on the film is visible. Photo is barely clear. These are the best shots…


Lomography Black and White


not nice at all, not good at all. I don’t know why or how, but I hated these photos. And again, these are the best shots.


Lomography Redscale 




This is better than other two really. It’s more clear. I think it might be because of the weather. It was really sunny that day. Also, this is the last roll I took. So, I was more experienced. I probably took better photos.



While you can take fewer pictures with 120mm films, tab is even more expensive. And Diana F+ doesn’t even give nice pictures. Thus, 120mm films are not worth it.



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